Hurricane Ike Relief

Talk about an opportunity! For a month and a half, I ministered on Divine Partnership, teaching our people that God will never do anything in the earth without human participation. Jesus taught us that we are to be salt and light in the earth. I know that there are many Christians who are disengaged from Christ’s mandate, but I do think that most simply do not know what to do or where to start. Some may know these things but feel that they do not have the resources with which to participate.

This is beauty of what God has done for us. Five days after the eye of the hurricane hit us five men came to my office and made my year. Doug Stringer with Somebody Cares America and Mark Roye of Blood and Fire Ministries secured our site as a distribution pad for food into the Galveston County area. Since then, HEB donated the use of a refrigerator trailer, Hunter Equipment donated a fork lift, Lowe’s Home Improvement a pallet jack, BP a 2000 gallon fuel cell for deisel and around 400 meals a day, Vitamin Water has given truck-loads of their product, Compassion International has done the same on food and supplies, and the list goes on and on. To this date, we have served around 19,000 meals to this devastated community of citizens. I am overwhelmed at the privilege God has given us.

Sunday morning, a man walked into our lobby. Tommy, one of our ushers, asked him if it was his first time to visit. He replied, “Yes, but this is my church!” Tommy said, “It is?” The man said, “Any church that will feed my family when they’re in their worst time is my church.”

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  1. Just wanted to let you know since my relationship began with my Savior and as the transforming of my mind from the worldly things, I was a person who reasoned all things. Another words it had to be real. As GOD proved himself real to me it only made sense that Church and the man of GOD had to be real. In the beginning I tested and analyzed ever word that came from the pulpit from my home church in Rusk. I was brand new in the world that GOD had opened up to me and I was excited and yet a little hesitant. As Pastor Jan Pate preached and taught, GOD in fact allowed me to see past the things that most in the “church world” would judge and criticize. Man is far from perfect but the “Heart of man ” The Totality of Man” is what God looks at. I say all of that to say this. The Purity of your heart and every thing you aspire to do for The kingdom of GOD is shining through as bright as the Sun. I watch and learn under your ministry as I have done before, never in judgment. The selfless way you Pastor this church is surely a priceless jewel before the Father. God has given you the ability through the anoiting to break down the walls of the enemy that surrounds the hearts of those who are in darkness. The purity of the Love of Jesus Christ is what Shines in your ministry. Thanks

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