This Halloween night, Melissa and I set up our candy bowl outside of the house.  Our neighborhood is a hub for the “trick-or-treat” crowd.  Parents come from all over town to walk our street with their “demons.”  Last year, we were prepared and had cards to put in every child’s bag that read, “Want to get rid of the creepies?  Jesus Christ gets rid of all things creepy.  Find Him at The Fellowship.”  But Ike kind of threw us off schedule this year and we forgot our cards.  Instead, we set up a photo place and took pictures of kids for free.  We released God’s blessings on every person and then I filmed a “Twilight Zone” bit of footage.  It was a fun night of giving to the people and letting them see the love of Christ on a night dedicated to the “darkness.”  Send the link to someone who might need it. 


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  1. know I’m a little late watching the video but all in God’s time right! my mother went to heaven in 2005 on Halloween. This year Toni M’s mom left one day before Halloween. I have never been sad about my mother passing, it was what she wanted and I was assured through mulitpule sign that God was taking care of her . This year I let myself get on the pitty pot, it litterlly hurt me to my soul to hear my dear friend cry over her loss and I couldn’t fix it for her, I figured out after lots of prayer that it wasn’t my job to fix her. We talked, shared and cried together and each time we both felt God there with us when we did. Your message was so spot on that I just had to tell you once again, THANK YOU for all you do so unselfishly. We are so blessed to have you as our pastor.

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