Larry Gives Back

While we were handing out food in Freddiesville and Hitchcock, Texas, two small towns that took on four to eight feet of water in their homes and businesses, I met Larry.  We had just dropped off about 15 meals to two families living beside one another, with cold drinks, peanut butter, Clorox bottles for cleaning up mold, and gummy bear candy.  Larry was so moved, he asked us if he could sing for us.  His family and friends stand in the background with the food as he sings. 

1 Comment

  1. dude…sign this guy up to lead worship on sunday…my God man…here we pastors struggle trying to find people with talent to put on our platforms yet there is tremendous talent laying dormant right outside our walls. i was tremendously moved not only by his ability to sing…but i also felt this guys spirit…somewhere, sometime..he has been with Jesus…hopefully he still is.

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