The Crystal Beach Gift

That it is more blessed to give than to receive is understood by many.  Except for the few among us who think only of themselves, we embrace this Christ philosophy.  But usually it is on our best days, and only when given an opportunity which is so large, we cannot but stumble over it and fall flat on our faces if we don’t notice it.  But when something comes into your life like Ike, things change, if you let them.  You begin to look for opportunities to create giving.  

I sensed during the presidential campaign that many so-called Republicans were leery of the notion of just giving out free food to people for an extended amount of time.  It reminded them too much of the welfare system and its over-use.  I am conservative in my voting on any given day, but I reminded our church that both parties needed to get back to God’s Word on the issue of helping the poor.

In a nutshell, liberals must remember that Jesus is the one who made up the story of the Master telling the “wicked and lazy servant” that he should have at least deposited His money with the bankers so that He could have gotten His own money back with interest.  He then took from the servant with one talent and gave it to the servant who had doubled his five talents into 10 talents.  Like it or not, this is the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” reality.  God cares where we put His money.  The church is called to give “hand-ups”, not just “hand-outs.”  We are called to make disciples, not create perpetual “baby chicks” with their mouths open for supply.

On the flip side, conservatives need to remember that everyone deserves a chance to receive that hand-up.  We cannot afford to judge people based on their appearance or social condition.  Everyone needs help now and then, or they are anti-Christ.  Even Christ said He could do nothing except His Father give Him strength.  Jesus was emphatic that He took the treatment of His “little ones” personally.  He vehemently linked Himself to those “naked, imprisoned, thirsty and hungry.”  When we’ve done it to them, we’ve done it to Him.  

My life will never be the same after Ike.  I pray God gives you the same revelation He has given me . . . minus the storm, of course.  What a rewarding life it is, indeed.  

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  1. Great point about the lack of balance on both liberal and conservative sides! When are you gonna come preach for me??? Hahaha…sucka!

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