Face It!

I have encountered people in life who would not go to the doctor  for fear of what he would say; so consequently, their treatable condition continued to worsen.  On the flip side, I have seen the eventual doctor visit reveal that nothing of concern was even wrong, and the report could have saved the person many days of worry and distress.  I have found, as tough as it can be, that to face one’s fears is the optimum way to go in life.  

I was recently faced with one such small matter.  John Jacobs and Power Force were at our church.  He asked me in front of the whole congregation if I would allow Russ, a 6 foot 4 inch, 330 pound marvel, crush a can of diet 7Up over  my head.  No one had ever been hurt, he said, except for the last pastor who’s knees had buckled a little.  I knew I could trust them, but also know that accidents happen.  All Sunday afternoon, I silently cogitated on the matter, never able to truly evade the knots in my stomach.  Russ jokingly looked at me in front of the church, after he had smashed one on his own head, and slid his forefinger across his throat.  We all know what that gesture means.  Gulp.  I laughed.  

Toward the end of the show, John looked at me and simply said the ominous, “Pastor, it’s time.”  After shedding all the paraphernalia, I ascended the platform.  John, the former New England Patriots star, asked me to brace my neck for impact and I faced my giant.  The loving, supportive members and guests of The Fellowship sat in silence and concern . . . with cameras ready.  Seconds dragged on.  I waited.  I heard him grunt and felt a slap on my head and heard an explosion of diet soft drink overhead as the can split clean into upon impact.  I was utterly surprised to realize I had barely even felt it.  He even followed the gasps and “ohs” with a second.  Once I knew my brains were still in tact, I faced the people, licking the sweet nectar from my lips as it dripped from my hair, and lifted my fists in the air in a triumphant sign of victory.  I had faced Russ and would live to tell about it.  

I once bungee-jumped from the highest location in the world (at the time) in Zimbabwe.  Facing Russ and coming out the other side felt almost as good.  Well, close.  My friend, life is too short to not go through.  Let us continue to face those things which threaten to hinder us in this magnificent journey called Life and Destiny.  Face it!  You’re meant for great things.  Go through.  


  1. Wow, that was a needed reproof for me because I HATE going to the doctor! I’d rather have those guys crush a 55 gallon drum on my head than go to the doctor.

    So when are you gonna come preach for me???

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