Proud Daddy

My 15 year old, Jade, yielded to her Daddy and sang a song that set her apart from what teens might normally be inclined to sing.  She tackled the classic “Summertime” once recorded by Ella Fitzgerald.  I felt she added a mark of additional class to the great night of talent at the Texas City High School Choir Concert.  Please excuse the admirations of a proud Dad.  Enjoy.  


  1. Amazing! Why I am not surprised that your daughter has such talent?

    Are you coming to preach for me this sunday night or what? I couldn’t get hold of you this week at all but I left instructions on how to get to the church at the church.

  2. listen to that girl go….awesome job Jade!! I wish you were a little bit more proud, Kev, lol. 🙂 Good reason to be my friend…

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