Mission Mexico

What an honor it was to stand before pastors, leaders and young pastors-to-be at the Bible school hosted by Pastor Raffa and Tina Rios and Missionary Robin Posgay. Over 100 students attended, on their way to receiving their Associates degree and eventually their Bachelor’s in Theology. This wave of interest has been fueled by the fact that Mexico has passed around 20 new laws that make it possible for the government to terminate any ministry that is not officially degreed. Now, ministers from Monterey and Mexico City are also contacting the school. It is, indeed, a great task on a very small budget, but God is giving them the grace to make it happen. This video is just an overview of my time there. We love you, Raffa and Argentina!

The sound track you hear behind the video is a song written by Michael and Brianna Cash of Sugar Land Family Church.  All proceeds from their live worship album “For Life” go to missions, both local and international.  We appreciate their heart for souls.  To order your copy of “For Life” go to http://www.slfconline.com.  Secure your copy for a love offering to missions.  Thank you, Pastors Nathan and Dena Keller for your contribution to the pastors and future leaders of the Church in Mexico.  Be blessed. Pastor Kevin Herrin

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