Cowboy, Up!


Cowboy up!
That’s what we say sometimes when things get a little rough
But I’m looking at you, and you’ve been here before
Standing in front of this old, locked door
And all your best laid plans
Just came crumbling down to nothing
Right there in your hands
I guess you’re looking around to see
That there’s a whole lot of wisdom
In just a little bit of humility
There comes a reckoning time for every man
When he sees he needs help from above to stand
So if you’re getting tired of losing
And you’re ready to get tough
Then, Cowboy, up
That’s right
Look up!
Cowboy, up!

By Kevin Herrin

This is dedicated to all those who finally gain the wisdom to realize we need a Savior.

Special thanks to Richie and Hevyn Allen for making me look a little like a real cowboy. Enjoy the video. It’s the lead-in for our sermon series called “Cowboy, Up!”


  1. This is realy awsome Pastor Kevin. And it is so true, for a lot of use out here. Thank You!!! God Bless SEE YOU SOON………

  2. Evertime i find myself getting down p. k. i look up… I cowboy up… And i get through it… Thank you for all you have did for me… And thank you for getting me back to loving god again…. You are the best….

  3. You are an awesome Pastor and know just how to make us think about getting closer to God. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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