Destiny “Unplugged”

I’ve been writing songs since I was eight years old. Some of them make my heart beat fast and others fall into the “what was I thinking” category. I enjoy writing different styles, as the mood hits me, and mostly from my experiences or outlook on life.

One song, however, stands alone for me. I wrote it with a young man from my youth ministry in mind. He was running hard from God and hanging with a bad crowd. After a friend of mine told me there was a difference between “lost sheep” and “hiding sheep”, I told this young man I was done chasing him when he knew where the “fold” was, that I was here where I always am, praying for him, when he was done running. That very week I got a call from Galveston County Jail. I went to see him and, talking to him through the thick glass, I saw a tear run down his cheek. He said, “Thanks for putting me here.” I said, “I didn’t put you here.” He responded, “Yeah, but you prayed me here. I guess it took this for me to stop and talk to God.”

I left that jail and wrote this song with him in mind. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life, but one thing I’ve determined not to do is run from God. I’m dead without Him.

If you know someone who might need this one, take the time to forward this song to them. My prayer is that it will make the difference and give them the strength to decide, “I’m tired of fighting prophecies You’ve spoken over me. I’m ready now to give up and accept my destiny.”

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  1. Pastor Kevin, that was so beautiful !!! You changed my heart when you sung your version of Amazing Grace a few yrs ago!!! Can’t wait to someday here it again. This song is right up there with that !! God Bless from Cam and I.

  2. I have my oldest nephew Robert Gene Babbitt- He went to prison at 17yrs & got out Jan. 2013- My family has told me they have disowned him.. That broke my heart-I feel like I’m the ONLY one in my family that loves him. I prayed for 15 yrs over him even when I wasn’t saved..I am now though & If God will save me he can save Robert. Robert has a lot of hate for people & God in his heart..I pray continuously for God to touch his heart & for God to use me to be the link that puts this family back together- I & my sister Dana are the only saved children in my large family of 5 girls & Step Mom & dad. I feel sometimes like it’s me & Dana against the whole world when it come to this family BUT I REFUSE TO STOP PRAYING for them all..Thanksgiving was extremely tough but with the prayer warriors at The Fellowship- I went & walk in with my head held high- They wouldn’t let him go there or Dad & Beth were leaving. Then when it came to say grace – they said “God Bless the family member who couldn’t be here- I lost it & just went outside crying- Pastor Kevin actually helped me (without even knowing it) to get back to them all & stay prayed up over them daily-I will not stop praying over this Kelley Family- PK is such an inspiration to me-God Bless him & his entire loving family!!!
    Rhonda Kelley

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