The RunPee Evangelist

I never leave a ballgame early. I’ve seen my friends, or total strangers, leave before the game was over and our team come back for the miracle win at the last minute. I also never leave a movie early because I might miss an extra scene at the end of the credits. My wife knows this about me and doesn’t even attempt to move. She just gets on her phone and begins to check Facebook.

However, my son turned me on to a new smart phone app called “Run Pee.” runpee-app-iconIt’s genius! It tells you when the lull moments take place in the movie so you can “run pee” during that section and not miss key scenes in the plot. It also tells you if there are any extra scenes at the end and how long you have before they appear. Genius, I tell you! When I leave the theater and I see people still sitting there, waiting for the end, I think, “Poor people, you used to be me… before I discovered ‘Run Pee.’” I have now felt compelled to tell them about it. I told a girl and her boyfriend about two extra scenes following the Avengers’ latest and she made her man sit back down to watch. That’s when I realized it. Oh my goodness! I’m the “Run Pee Evangelist!”

Then another thing hit me. How can I feel compelled to tell people about the latest and greatest phone app, or burger joint, or vacation spot and not feel compelled to tell them about the greatest love in the history of mankind?

2 Corinthians 5:19 declares “that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.”

This is the good news, folks! People try to make Christianity so hard. It’s human nature to do so. But that’s religion. It’s often been said that religion is man trying to get to God, but Christianity is God coming to man. Do you realize that there are no more hurdles through which you need to jump? There is no more void between you and God. The distance that sin and rebellion, through Adam, created between us and God is gone. Jesus Christ made it so through His sacrifice on the Cross. When He breathed those famous last words, “It is finished,” everything that had to happen to appease a holy God who must judge sin happened. Jesus took our sin and killed its power over us on the Cross, buried it in the tomb, but then rose triumphantly over it, leaving it in the grave. It is finished!

All that needs to happen now is for you to let your heart turn toward His love and receive His free gift of salvation. No hoops! No hurdles! No regulations! The moment you breathe His name, “Jesus,” and your heart turns to Him to engage Him in sweet spiritual conversation, His Holy Spirit begins to fill your heart. The Scripture is clear. Through Christ, God has reconciled the world to Himself. Not the chosen few. Not the “good people.” The world. The distance is gone. He is here. He’s waiting for you to call upon Him. What a tragedy to find out in the end that, what you thought was up in the stars, unattainable and ethereal, was actually just outside of your skin the whole time. God! Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit. Right here with you. Waiting for you to say, “I believe. Let’s have a relationship. Please forgive me. Be the Lord of my life.” If you’ll try Him today, He will change your life forever.

Oh, and by the way, once you have received Him, trust me, you’ll want to tell someone else about Him. Because not only has He reconciled you, but He has also now given you the ministry of reconciliation – that is, to help someone else know this good news that has found you.

And, believe me, it’s a whole lot better news than telling someone when they can run pee!

P.S.  But DEFINITELY go get the app.  It’s a must for movie-goers.


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